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Jun 28

Yoga Photography by NJ Photographer, Jaye Kogut PhotographyYoga Photography

Yoga Photography

This past week was international yoga day, so naturally, it was a good reminder in the midst of wedding season to share these amazing photos I took of Megan Kipp of Lakshmi Ayurveda! Megan opened up her studio in Nashville recently and we connected while I was staying in Nashville for a month.  I never felt so relaxed yet challenged when I took her classes – she’s amazing and such a sweet soul! 

Shout out to Lizzie H. who stood in as a student for some photos – she is going for her yoga certification as well!

If you’re ever in the Nashville area, be sure to check out Meg’s restorative yoga classes – super relaxing and a great beginner’s class!

Yoga Photography lakshmi ayurveda nashville lakshmi ayurveda nashville yoga display 2016-06-21_0007 2016-06-21_0008 2016-06-21_0009 2016-06-21_0010

I snapped a few headshots of Megan for her new website and social media – the light was beautiful in her studio! megan Kipp yoga Nashville yoga studio yoga in nashville

Yoga Photography is pretty awesome – its great to see instructors challenge themselves and do all of their poses! Yoga Photography 2016-06-21_0016

One of my favorite photos from our session!

Yoga Photography Yoga Photography, nashville yoga yoga in Nashville 2016-06-21_0020

2016-06-21_00062016-06-21_0021 2016-06-21_0022 2016-06-21_0024 2016-06-21_0025 2016-06-21_0026 2016-06-21_0027

NJ Portrait Photographer, Jaye Kogut Photography

NJ Wedding Photographer, Boutique wedding studio
Namasté !

Yoga Photography

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