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May 27

Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos by NJ Wedding Photographer, Jaye Kogut Photography

pretty engagement photos at the jersey shore

My oh my! I’m so excited to share these dreamy and whimsical Sandy Hook engagement photos with you today! Danielle and I instantly connected when we met over coffee one day to discuss business since she is a planner and I, am obviously a photographer. 🙂

Once her high school sweetheart, Bryan proposed, Danielle called me up right away and boom..here we are today. 🙂

 Danielle planned the whole engagement session out from the outfits, to the props and the flowers. It was adorable – and quite frankly.. Amazing! Danielle’s attention to detail is great.

We started our session off at the bunker at the very tip of the island – I had actually never been to this part of Sandy Hook, so I was super excited to learn about some new spots! The old walls of the bunker gave some great texture and contrast against Danielle and Bryan’s clean cut look.

Danielle wore a beautiful short dress from BCBG and Betsy Johnson heels. Brian wore a mixture of J.Crew, Nordstrom and paired it all with Sperry boat shoes towards the end of our session.

Hair and make up were done by Sebastian’s Hair-em in Leonardo, New Jersey and they did a fantastic job. 🙂

I can’t wait for Danielle and Bryan’s wedding in October in Virginia!

Read more below to learn more about these two lovebirds!

sandy hook engagement photo spots

sandy hook engagement photos

How did you two meet?

We are high school sweethearts. Our families both grew up together in the same town for generations so we probably met many years earlier. But it was in peer leadership senior year of high school that we noticed each other and started having lunch together almost everyday before our sports practices. We went to prom together after Bryan mustered up the courage to ask and the day we came back from the beach weekend that followed we started dating officially.

2016-05-23_0004 Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos, incorporating pets into your photo session

sandy hook engagement ideas

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in your life-after-marriage together?

I think we are both looking forward to growing into the next stage of our lives together independent from our families. We are looking forward to making new adventures and exploring life as real adults, making our own rules for our marriage and future, and taking on new roles as husband and wife. We’ve spent the last nine years really growing up along side each other, developing our own paths for education and careers, and now it’s finally time to grow into our own home and life on our own together.

Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos, Jersey shore engagement whimsical, dreamy, sandy hook engagement photos

What do you both enjoy doing together with your free time?

We love spending any little bit of free time walking at the beach. It’s something we have done since we started dating and still do today. Whenever we can we love hiking or playing with our dogs Lily and Merle too. If we can score a weekend free you will definitely find us I’m Virginia at some of the wineries we belong to with family and friends. And for sure every weekend during football season we are tailgating and attending the rutgers games or watching them with friends.

whimsical, dreamy, sandy hook engagement photos Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos, Jersey shore engagement

How did Bryan pop the question?

He proposed after a little getaway to Virginia at one of our favorite beaches, spring lake under the stars. Although in typical Bryan fashion it couldn’t have gone smoothly it was the coldest windiest day! He made me keep sitting on the beach while he found the courage to propose. Normally I would have left even if he didn’t want to because I HATE being cold but for some reason and probably for the first time ever, I stayed. It was definitely well worth it because just before I froze he popped the question and we celebrated with champagne from one of our favorite wineries.

Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos

What would you do if you were both stuck on an island together?

If we were stuck on an island I would probably find a way to make a glittery SOS sign out of hand picked sea shells on the beach with tropical flower accents, make something healthy for us to eat, find a cute pet to keep us company, and create some flower arrangements to make our little camp more homey. Bryan would for sure do something way more useful like make a fire, someplace for us to sleep, and fashion some sort of communication device to phone for help. Haha!

pretty engagement photos at the jersey shore, Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos 2016-05-23_0014

If you both were shrunken down to nickel size, and dropped into the bottom of a blender, what would you do?

I would for sure take the time to relax for a change lay down and take a nap while bryan deconstructed the entire blender and remade the parts into some sort of ladder for us to get out.

Of course, you can’t forget to POP the champagne!

Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos

Thanks for reading!

Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos by NJ Wedding Photographers, Jaye Kogut Photography

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Whimsical Sandy Hook Engagement Photos

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  4. […] session took place at Sandy Hook and Danielle chose to do two outfits for herself and Bryan – she also made her own bouquets […]

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