Spring Wedding Cake Ideas

Mar 16

Spring Wedding Cake Ideas

Spring Wedding Cake Ideas

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5 Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas Perfect for the Spring

Spring weddings are simply the best. Nature comes out to play with its eye-catching floral blooms, bringing bright pops of color into your wedding photos without you having to lift a finger. The next item on your list is probably your cake. You may be imagining any old cake of ivory white tiers, but let’s think outside the box a little, with bright colors and fresh, stylish designs. If you’ve decided on a March through June wedding, consider these five whimsical wedding cake ideas that are sure to wow every one of your guests.

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*Photo taken while shooting with Vanessa Joy

Pastel Ombre Cake

Pastels are a must for any spring wedding– you’ve probably already browsed loads of pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses. What about your cake? One of the hottest trends in wedding cakes is the ombre style, which means that the color gradually fades from dark at the bottom tier, to light or white at the top tier. The good thing about ombre is that it’s a simple concept, meaning you can customize it to any cake color, size, or design.


Roses Cake

Romantic florals can dress up any old plain white cake; for a lavish spring wedding cake, roses are a great option. With roses, you can add as few or as many as you like. Picture a large band of cascading roses wrapped around a tall, elegant cake; it’s the epitome of style, and it will impress each and every one of your guests. In addition, you can cover your cake in edible icing roses for a simple yet timeless buttercream rose cake.



Hand-Painted Floral Cake

Another exquisite wedding trend is the hand-painted cake. Color-blocked tiers are artistically and uniquely decorated in edible paint. One top-notch option is a cake covered in floral design. You can choose roses, as described below, or try another delicate arrangement of botanicals.


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Cake by Maggie Austin Cakes*


Naked Cake

The naked cake is a fascinating new trend in cake design. Due to its earthy hues, the naked cake is best suited for a rustic or outdoors wedding. The idea behind this technique is that the cake tiers are left bare or mostly bare, exposing the sponge cake within without any frosting or fondant. If it’s done right, the result is a deliciously unique cake of brownish tiers, topped with berries, florals, or sometimes rosemary or lavender for decoration. You have endless options for ornamentation with a naked cake.


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Watercolor Cake

Watercolor is another spin on the hand-painted cake. You can adapt a watercolor-inspired cake to almost any type of wedding, during any time of year. Consider experimenting with pastels, or perhaps try bright, eye-popping hues. Experiment with mixing and matching colors to match or complement your wedding’s color palette. The watercolor style can also be blended with the ombre design or with hand-painted florals for a truly one-of-a-kind cake.



I hope you enjoyed this wedding cake inspiration post! I love me some Spring Wedding Cake Ideas!
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