Sayen Gardens Engagement Photos

Nov 27

Alexandrea & Ryan :: Sayen Gardens Engagement Photos

Wide angle photo of the engaged couple sitting on a bench amongst the slightly fall foliage at Sayen Gardens

Sayen Gardens holds a special place in my heart: it’s where my engagement photos were taken! So when Alexandrea and Ryan were describing what they envisioned for their shoot, I knew that Sayen Gardens was the perfect location. Keep reading to hear more about this sweet couple and their super cute proposal story!

Alexandrea and Ryan are the most loving, sweetest, charming couple: I mean, in addition to their proposal story, how they view themselves and their relationship is just adorable (keep reading to hear it in their own words). And everything about them shined through in their engagement session!

These lovebirds chose to wear flannel shirts (my favorite, of course), jeans, and boots for a more casual look at the beginning of their shoot, then changed to become a bit more dressier for the second half of their day. Alexandrea wore a pink floral high-low dress from Amazon that was the perfect shade and pattern to go with the changing leaves at Sayen. A sweet addition: her necklace was given to her by her future father-in-law! It is a gold chain with one of Ryan’s grandmothers diamonds – so special! Ryan chose a classic button down navy dress shirt to compliment Alexandrea, with the hat from Shop for Ireland in Disney Springs (a gift from Alex).

This super sweet couple is getting married at the newly renovated Estate at Florentine Gardens next year, and I cannot wait!


Engagement Ring: Tolkowsky // Make-Up: Carolyn’s Makeup Artistry // Hair: Anna’s Bridal Hair & Make-up // Banner: House of Paper by Alana

Engaged couple in flannel shirts nose to nose on a bench, sayen gardens engagement photos
Engaged couple with their temples next to one another, smiling at the camera

How did you two meet?

We went to middle school together but barely knew of each other’s existence (haha!) and started dating senior year of high school! We were in marching band together and that’s how we became close.

Engaged couple laughing while in one anothers arms during their Sayen Gardens engagement photos
Wide angle photo of the engaged couple in their flannel shirts and jeans, within one another's arms, during their Sayen Gardens engagement photos
Wide angle photo of the engaged couple in their flannel shirts and jeans, kissing on a path that is winding amongst the foliage
Engaged couple standing next to one another, arms linked, gazing and smiling at each other
Couple in flannel shirts holding custom Mickey Mouse Ear hats with their wedding date on them

Describe the proposal

Ryan and and I planned a trip to Walt Disney World for our five year anniversary! We planned from the summer after we graduated high school. Out first day there, October 3, 2018, Ryan and I went to Magic Kingdom dressed as Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh! We went near the castle to take some cute pictures before starting our day and as the Disney PhotoPass photographer was scanning my magic band, Ryan asked her to take one more picture. He got down on one knee, pulled out the beautiful ring I fell in love with about two years prior and asked me to marry him! It was so sweet and so perfect! 

The bride to be shows off her makeup by Annas Bridal hair and makeup during her engagement session
sayen gardens engagement photos
Engagement photos at sayen gardens

If your love story was a movie, which movie would it be?

If our love story was a movie, it would be like Allie and Noah’s love story in The Notebook or Carl and Ellie’s love story in Up (before Allie gets Alzheimers and they die holding each other and before Ellie dies in Up ????????). Ryan and I have the love and admiration for each other that Allie and Noah have for each other and we are always laughing together. And we always joke about how we’re an old married couple like Carl and Ellie.

Dressed up engaged couple nose to nose, holding each others hands, under the fall foliage during their Sayen Garden engagement photos
The bride to be kisses her groom to be on the cheek
The engaged couple, nose to nose, smiling, holding a framed photograph of their kitten
3/4 shot of the engaged couple, dressed up, each holding one end of a custom wedding date banner with Mickey and Minnie Mouse silhouette's by House of Paper by Alana

Describe your relationship in one sentence:

We are two goofy kids growing up together, teaching each other things we didn’t know about ourselves yet, who love each other more than we thought possible. 

The groom to be smiles, glancing at his bride to be, who looks off past the camera
Black and white photo of the engaged couple smiling at one another, his face in view
The couple, one arm around each others waist, the other hands holding each others, showing off her engagement ring, as they gaze down to admire it
The couple, standing amongst the trees, smiling at one another, nose to nose, dressed up for their Sayen Gardens engagement photos



Sayen Gardens engagement photos by New Jersey wedding photographers, Jaye Kogut Photography

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