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Apr 28

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Manuel, Nashville Fashion Designer

If you’ve ever seen Johnny Cash’s typical attire that coined him “The Man in Black” you can attribute that to Manuel Cuevas – Nashville’s own superstar of a Fashion designer. Manuel has dressed presidents, dancers, actors and artists.  Over the years, he has dressed just about everybody who was anybody – the list never ends.  Manuel recently accepted the Legacy award at the Nashville Fashion Week’s- Fashion Forward Award this year!

Manuel Cuevas was born in Coalcomán Michoacán, Mexico.  It was here he first learned how to sew, thanks to his brother, Adolfo.  Fast forward over 50 years- he still goes to work every day to his show room on Broadway in downtown, Nashville, Tennessee.  I had the pleasure of meeting Manuel on my trip to Nashville this past month.  His showroom is one of a kind and every single piece he makes is never the same.  Read below to learn more about him and his work.

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J: What made you move from LA to Nashville?

M: I moved to Nashville because of my family.  I was raising my kids and LA wasn’t the place for that- it was becoming crazy. I wanted something different and Nashville was the place. I will always love LA, thats where I began my career. But, Nashville is such a great city, everyone is nice and friendly.

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J: Where do you get your inspiration from?

M: I never make the same piece twice.  I dream about many of my designs.  You could say heritage and culture is a big factor.  I just want every piece to be different – I want to be different.  Thats why my work is not really evolving with the trends, I feel thats why you can set my style apart from others.  You can look and say “Hey, thats a Manuel jacket.” Just by the fabric and embroidery. Thats me.


J: What are your favorite pieces to design?

M: The one I am working on right now. I love what I do.
If you love what you do – it is never work, right?

J: Who was your favorite client to work with?

M: All of them! I love all of the people I have ever worked with.

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J: Whats the process for a new custom design? Do you sit down with the client?

M: Absolutely. We sit down, we talk – well, they talk mostly and they tell me what they THINK they need. But really, they don’t know what they need. I KNOW what they need and they just try to describe it and eventually they give up.  They give up trying to tell me how they think they want it and they trust me.

J: Just like that, they trust you?!

M: Just like that. I don’t know, they just come and eventually let it all go with me. They leave it on the table and everyone loves what I deliver because its never the same for anyone.


J: “So whats next for you?”

M: Well, my birthday is coming up, so I want some tequila. Heck, I always have tequila, haha! But really its just day by day. I come here every day and work and create, its what I do and I love it, I fucking love it.

Nashville Fashion Designer, Manuel Cuevas Nashville Fashion Designer

Manuel and his trusted assistant and store manager, Caitlin.

Thanks for having me Manuel and Caitlin! It was a pleasure. 🙂


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