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Apr 9

Nashville Business Coach photos
by Jaye Kogut Photography

I Introduce to you – Nicole H.! She’s a Nashville Business Coach here in Tennessee and I met her through a community group on Facebook.  I posted about grabbing coffee with people while in town and snapping head shots and low and behold – Nicole gladly accepted! We met at the Post in East Nashville and I snapped some head shots of her and she gave me some great business coaching.  I’m so happy Nicole and I met –  because she is such a fire cracker! Did I also mention she’s a NY girl at heart? So we of course instantly connected being I am from NJ, just a short ride away from her home state. 😉

Nicole a girl boss and a blossoming Entrepreneur with her new found business “Honestly Able“. Learn more about this lovely Nashville business coach below! 

How did you get started with your business?

I founded Honestly Able two years ago as a marketing consulting agency. I ended up taking a job though soon after as it was right for me at that time. Fast-forward to today and I recently re-launched the business but am taking it in a different direction. I am now Marketing + Small Business coach with a passion for empowering others to achieve their own version of success. I do this through many different ways, all of which are customized through what my client needs at the time, but I can say it has been the best move I have made so far!

What inspired you to go solo and be a Nashville Business Coach?

I have worked for many other organizations that each led me to hone my skills and talents over the years. I always had an itch to go out on my own but never was confident that I could do it until recently when personal events lead to me change careers paths and goals. I am so grateful for all that I have experienced in my career in the corporate world but I am so excited to carve my own path as a ‘soloprenuer’ in this next season I am in, in life.

2016-04-01_0002 Nashville Business Coach photos by Jaye Kogut Photography

If you could have dinner with anyone, (inspirational or not) – who would it be?

Bethany Frankel, that lady is all girl boss with a ton of sass, plus she is an unbelievably success business owner and speaks her mind without fear of what others think or say! Plus, I think we would have a ball talking about our NY roots and all the drama that it brings! She is inspiring, encouraging and the epitome of what work smarter not harder is all about, I also think its because I just watched the RHONY premiere!!

What do you love about being a #girlboss?

The freedom to work from my pj’s on my couch at 10 in the morning, I mean who wouldn’t love that! In all seriousness though it’s because I love that I get to help others achieve their own version of success, but I get to do it on my own. It is terrifying at times but it is also so freeing and gratifying to know that I am creating my future.

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What’s the most crucial advice you can give to any small business no matter who or what they are/do?

Do what feels right for YOU and no one else. This is your business and just because it worked for someone else does not mean it has to work for you. Trust your gut and instinct on the decisions you make and know that no matter what, you always have a choice to choose differently in every moment of every day.

Do you like coffee or tea?

I am a coffee drinker all the way! My dad turned me on to Starbucks at a young age (like 17) and I even worked in a Dunkin Donuts as a teen. Don’t get me wrong I do like tea, but coffee is where my addiction is at!!

Nashville Business Coach

Nashville Business Coach photos by Jaye Kogut Photography

Where are you originally from and what brought you to Nashville?

I am a NY, Long Island girl through and through. I was born there and lived there until I was 24. I love NY but I am grateful for the chance to experience other portions of the US thanks most in part to my husband being in the military! We have lived in NC and now reside just outside of Nashville with plans on staying when he separates from the service! Nashville is such a vibrant city and it gives me all of the aspect of the city life I grew up with, just without the attitude (I say that with the upmost respect!). I love to see how Nashville is constantly growing and I love exploring all of the new places that keep popping up! I will always love NY and will visit when we can, but the south has officially won this girl over.


Nashville Business Coach favorite question to ask everyone…

Pizza or cupcakes? …

Why not both?! If I had to choose though it would be pizza only because NY pizza is what I grew up on and it really is the best food group out there!! Who doesn’t love bread, cheese and sauce all in one!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nicole. 🙂

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