Front-line Healthcare Worker Photos

Aug 24

Kenney, Nina & Evelyn :: Front-line Healthcare Worker Photos

Black and white candid family portrait

I love giving back to the community, and with all that is going on in the world, I knew giving back to front-line healthcare workers would be the greatest gift of all. These selfless people have spent countless hours away from their families taking care of others, so capturing precious moments of them with their families sounded like the perfect way to give back! I knew the best place to start was with this growing family that I have been shooting photos of for years now was the perfect way to start this project! Take a peek….

I have known Kenney and Nina for years, in fact, I shot their engagement shoot and wedding many years ago! These two are one of my favorite couples for sure! And I have loved watching their family grow…in fact, they are expecting another girl in the fall! I loved being able to give back to their family as part of my way of saying “thanks” to our front-line healthcare workers. Nina is actually a NICU nurse out in California, one of the hardest hit states during the pandemic. Kenny also worked through out Covid-19 as an essential retail worker.

Thank you Nina and Kenny for all of the hard work that you have been putting in for many months during the pandemic; it cannot be easy at all being away from your sweet family to help others!

Family of three, mom and dad holding hands as dad carries child, walking towards photographer outdoors on tree lined path in these front-line healthcare worker photos
Mom and Dad arm in arm in the background looking on as toddler walks ahead in focus of front-line healthcare worker photos
Front-line healthcare worker photos of mom to be throwing her baby in the air
Full length black and white portrait of mom to be cradling her belly outdoors as part of the front-line healthcare worker photos
Front-line healthcare worker photos of pregnant nurse cradling her belly
Candid 3/4 shot of Dad holding daughter making kissy faces
Family of three portrait from waist up, Dad holding baby with hands up
Black and white candid photo of front-line healthcare worker photos
Front-line healthcare worker photos of couple nose to nose as mom to be cradles her pregnant belly
Front-line healthcare worker photos of couple
Small child portrait sitting down

New Jersey Front-line Healthcare Worker Photos

by Jaye Kogut Photography

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