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Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding

Nov 12

Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding

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Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding

Jeff and Joli :: Married

I’m not even sure where to begin with this Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding I am about to share with you. I have known Jeff since high school and met his now wife, Joli, when I ran into them both at another wedding (hah!). It is so amazing when you see a friend head over heels in love with his soul mate. Joli is exactly what Jeff needs and Jeff is exactly what Joli needs – pure happiness, a solid support, a friend and now spouse. I’m so excited to share these images with you today – I especially loved Joli’s wedding vision including jewel-tones! 
Joli was really creative with how she visioned her wedding day. She incorporated some DIY, a relaxed bridesmaid feel with mismatched dresses and her wedding gown was a bridesmaid dress alone! (Shh, its a secret, sort of hehe). Joli’s mom even helped HAND make the favors! Ceramic bowls — yass!

I honestly can’t put into words how sweet this day way for Joli and Jeff — read below to learn about their love story!


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cute candid wedding photos, natural wedding photos, chester valley golf club



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chester valley golf club wedding, jewel toned wedding colors


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How did you two meet and fall in love?

We met in the beginning of our freshman year of college. We would spend everyday together and quickly became friends, which then turned into
Jeff asking me to be his girlfriend. We fell in love fast and had many months of long distance over the course of our relationship which only solidified our bond, friendship, and love.


cute candid wedding photos, natural wedding photos, Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding







Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding


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 What was most important to you when planning your wedding

We really wanted to make sure that the wedding was going to be fun for all of our friends and family.



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Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding



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 What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme or colors? 

Our inspiration for our wedding was moody, romantic, but still with some whimsy. We’re both fairly relaxed, and knew we wanted our theme to reflect that, too. Heather from Cottage Flowers helped our vision come to life by using lots of loose greens and moss, tapered candles, and scattered votives all along the tables. She also created some crazy beautiful arrangements using full blooms with unique shapes and cute little apples to accent the tables and bouquets.  Having pops of blue among the moody blush tones and greens really tied Jeff’s navy tux nicely into the colors, too.


chester valley golf course


Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding


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black and white wedding photos


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chester valley golf course wedding


Chester Valley Golf Club Wedding


 How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day to your children one day? 

Though we’re still many years away from having children, we can’t wait to tell them about how excited we were on the day of our wedding. It’s truly magical to be surrounded by all of our loved ones just wanting to be there for us and our future, and it’s definitely an unforgettable day.

 What piece of advice would you give to future couples planning their big day?  

Our biggest piece of advice to future couples would be to soak every moment in as it’s happening. This is truly a once in a lifetime event and it can be very easy to let it become overwhelming. The day starts pretty early and ends late, but it’s over in a blink of an eye. Take small moments to just appreciate all the friends and family there loving and supporting you.


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jewel toned wedding ideas, tapered candles


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 What is your favorite memory from your wedding

Our favorite memory from the wedding was definitely the first looks. We didn’t follow the rules completely that day and had hung out a bit in the morning before going our separate ways to get ready. Once it was finally time to see other, we both were slightly nervous, definitely excited, and totally in love. We’ve been together for 10 years, but still seeing each other for that first time was amazing.


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 What was one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one? Which 3 details from your wedding were your favorites?

Jeff is one of the chefs at the golf club, so choosing Chester Valley Golf Club as our venue was an easy choice as we knew first hand that the food, the staff, and the grounds would be outstanding. Also, our wedding coordinator, Tina, made us both feel very at ease with all aspects to the planning.
Our favorite details from the wedding would definitely have to be the favors; Joli’s mom creates amazing pottery and made individual tiny planters with beautiful succulents in them for each guest to take home. It was truly so special and such an amazing touch, that we won’t ever forget all the love she put into them. Also, one of Jeff’s favorite desserts is whoopie pies, so we ordered a bunch from Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA to have our guests snack on while they left to go to the after party. Many people had never even had one before, so it was awesome to be able to introduce them to something new and delicious. Last but certainly not least, our other favorite detail was having our amazing friend, Maggie, make our wedding cake. She’s truly the most talented person we’ve met and did such a phenomenal job on executing our silly, fruit crazy, flower filled vision. All of our guests couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it looked and outrageously delicious it tasted. It was all a very cool experience to have the people we love most help in making our day that much more unique and awesome.


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Pennsylvania wedding photographer, Chester Valley golf club wedding by New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Jaye Kogut Photography


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