Behind The Scenes 2018

Feb 4

It’s that time of year! These are some behind the scene photos from my 2018 season! I decided to do this because honestly, there were so many great shots and moments captured by myself and some of my other shooters. Let’s be real here, some we caught each other completely off guard so they’re pretty funny -especially my concentration face ha! Check them out below…

This shot below was from our #JKPBRIDES event! Wine and wedding planning, hosted by myself and Danielle from Magnolia West Events!

The many times as a photographer you simply need to lay down and breathe -especially during busy season haha! Vanessa Joy

Juliana being a test subject!
Sometimes you have to bribe the flower girl to take photos!
Styled shoot behind the scenes!
This was me making sure the groom didn’t turn around before we were ready for the First Look! He was SUPER eager to see her! It was so cute
Nicole being a great test subject!
Concentrating hard!
Juliana and I before my Cork Factory Wedding!
Wedding reception fun at The Ryland Inn!
Assisting the bride in her portrait posing ☺️
Sometimes my fiancé, Rob will assist me on weddings.

The many face of Jaye and Rob ????

Mid sentence here probably…. ^^
Testing our night shots..
really concentrating here..or maybe I just blinked!

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