who am I

When I started my business in college I never knew it would bring me to where I am now.  I love not only capturing the joy and happiness a couple experiences on their wedding day, but also meeting those couples and forming relationships!  Yes, I'm a wedding photographer... but I truly value the sanctity of marriage and advocating for my couples and their relationships leading up to the wedding day. 

Marriage, is a beautiful thing.

Some fun facts below 


Jersey born and raised, I love pizza, my fur-babies, my fiancé, making people laugh and I have a small weakness for a really good cupcake!

some fun facts


Photo by susan Elizabeth

Photo above by Vanessa joy photography

I've become an avid gardener. I successfully grew zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and herbs this past year! Its exciting to grow your own food and feel that sense of accomplishment! Next up - more flowers!

I like

JESSICA! Yes, yes.. surprise! 'Jaye' has stuck with me since grade school. I answer to Jess, Jaye Jaye but MANY really only know me as "Jaye"

My real name   is...

Not in a crazy cat lady way! I grew up with dogs but somehow ended up with two cats. They're cool, they're different and they know how to sit and speak on command - just like dogs. ;-)

my cats



Yes! Rob proposed to me Christmas day, 2017. I am now a bride-to-be and you can see all about my planning journey from a photographer's perspective on Instagram and my blog!

I am engaged!

Meet the newest family member, Bo! He's a lab mix and loves to run, is highly motivated by food and loves socks. You'll see him frequently on my Instagram stories. :)

have a puppy now!


I love nothing more than getting the chance to connect with clients face-to-face. So if we are able to, let's get together for some good ol' fashioned fun (pizza, anyone?) & if we are too far apart, let's let the interwebs connect us. 
Here's what I've have been up to ...

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