19 Goals for 2019

Feb 12

Well, if you followed me and my work last year, you’ll know that I had 18 goals for 2018. This year though, I plan to make more goals! If you’re curious what 2018 goals were see below..otherwise scroll to the bottom for the up to date list for 2019! ????

2018 Business Goals:

Utilize Instagram stories more often! – Which I totally did! I think it really helps get my personality across and what I do as a business owner.

Blog about MY journey to the altar as a newly engaged bride! – this has been a slow process I’ll be honest – mainly because my wedding is in 2020!

Conquer my PROFOTO light system for this years gigs! – Still conquering but definitely made some magic happen this year!

Blog weekly! Thanks to hiring my sister, this has been somewhat accomplished ūüėČ

Distribute sample albums/products to fellow friendors I work with! YES X A MILLION! I was able to get cards and sample albums out to some of my favorite venues and vendors!

Create more informational posts for my blog <- YES! Have you seen my most recent one?

Do a styled shoot this year! Not only did I do this, I did AT LEAST FIVE! Three of which got published in New Jersey Bride Magazine.

Read at least 2 business oriented books – Welp, I only got through one – but thats okay!

2018 Personal Goals:

Purge my closet this spring – This never happened ????

Learn to cut wood and create a few wood projects — I made myself a pasta drying rack with the help of Rob..does that count?

Try aerial yoga – Nope ????

Read more books – I started listening to books!

Cook at home more often  <- Thoroughly enjoying this goal

Maintain a well balanced lifestyle with more fruits and veggies (I was vegetarian for three weeks in December and felt so great!)¬†I also thought about trying KETO diet.¬†—¬†Tried¬†KETO,¬†lost¬†13¬†lbs¬†–and¬†then¬†learned¬†I¬†may¬†be¬†allergic¬†to¬†dairy¬†::insert¬†super¬†sad¬†face::

2019 Goals:

Business Goals:

1.Keep my office relatively clean and organized

2. Get more active engagement on social media/instastories

3. Blog on a weekly basis

4. Stop checking business email from the hours of 8 PM & 7:00 AM

5. Get published in another magazine this year!

6. Host a #JKPBRides event Рor two!

7. Update my sample albums

8. Create more venue highlights like this one!

9. Push more traffic to The Princeton Bride!

10. Update the portfolio across the website/media platforms

Personal Goals:

1. Organize my personal spaces a bit more

2. Go to the gym 3-5x a week

3. Read/Listen to more books!

4. Take a hobbyist class – like calligraphy or DIY something

5. Figure out if I have to live without pizza forever (see 2018 update above)

6. Save for my own 2020 wedding!

7. Potentially buy a house

8. Drink more water

9. Take care of meeee!

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