Princeton Garden Engagement

Aug 15

Princeton Garden Engagement

Princeton Garden Engagement

Linda and Jay :: Engaged

Linda and Jay’s Princeton garden engagement session was by far the cutest yet funniest session to date. SO many things went awry this evening -and no, it had nothing to do with the weather! Linda and Jay showed up to the session ready to go and totally psyched. The weather was actually perfect and our session started out super smooth! We toured the garden at Morven Museum for a little while and then Linda and Jay proceeded to change outfits. CUE the awry parts… 

Part way into our second half of the session, Linda and Jay realize their car keys were missing – oh no! We took 5 minutes to search the garden and the car area but did not have any luck.
We planned to finish just before dark so we could go back and look for the keys.

As we continue to shoot, all of a sudden I see in my peripheral vision a big bird coming in hot. It suddenly LANDS ON JAY’S BACK! We all freaked out and I said “DON’T HURT IT, IT’S SOMEONE’S PET BIRD!” Haha… It was literally a yellow and gray pet bird (not sure of the breed) and I tried to motion it to come perch on my finger but it pecked at me, so I decided to use Linda and Jay’s custom prop (that Linda hand made and was adorable -and quite useful at this point). This bird didn’t want to go away! It was the most bizarre yet funny thing I’ve ever encountered on an engagement photo session. After relieving Jay from the bird madness, we continued to shoot and then the bird CAME BACK and proceeded to hop on Linda’s back! At this point we’re all freaking out and laughing at the same time but I have to say, it was a memorable moment for all of us.

And then (yes, it keeps going)… as we walk to downtown Princeton we ask a gentleman walking towards us if he lost his pet bird (he seemed to be lost or searching for something so we thought)… He responds: “No, but I think I’ve lost my mind” 🤔

🤭 So needless to say, the session was QUITE interesting after that encounter and we quickly walked into town.
After grabbing some cute downtown shots, we headed back to the gardens where Linda and Jay proceeded to find their keys (yay!) and we completed our session.

I cannot wait for Linda and Jay’s Park Savoy wedding next year! Check out more images below from their session.



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 Princeton Garden Engagement Photos, Revolve lace dress and nude heels, jeans and button down for guys


I loved Linda’s Revolve dress that she paired with tear drop silver earrings!


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Dressy Casual engagement photos, Princeton Gardens

 Princeton Garden Engagement Photos




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Black and white engagement photos



Morven Museum photos




Of course, you can never go wrong with popping champagne! 




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Linda hand made the wooden heart she and Jay had for their engagement session…it was adorable!
It was also very useful for the next few photos below…




This was when the bird landed and we all basically freaked out 😛



See! It looks like a pet bird — but I have no idea why it was outside!









Peep Jammin’ Crepes cameo in the photo! 


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Princeton Garden Engagement Photos by NJ Wedding Photographers Jaye Kogut Photography


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