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Jul 3

a patriotic proposal

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A Patriotic Proposal by Jaye Kogut Photography


Check out Emily and Mike’s preview of their patriotic proposal! These two got engaged on Fourth of July last year and they decided to incorporate their proposal into
their engagement photos! I’m so excited to share this preview on America’s birthday! Enjoy!A patriotic proposal, Fourth of July engagement photos

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A patriotic proposal, Fourth of July engagement photos

A patriotic proposal, Fourth of July engagement photos

A patriotic proposal, Fourth of July engagement photos, point pleasant engagement photos

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The proposal (in Emily’s words):

The 4th of July has always been a big deal for us – a town parade, celebrations with
friends, and rounding out the day with fireworks on the Toms River. July 4,
2016 got off to a bit of a rough start. While standing on a box in the pantry
looking for my star cookie cutter (because of course 4th of July sangria needs
star shaped pineapples!), the lid cracked, and I fell, hitting my head on a
shelf. Ouch. After ruling out the need for stitches and missing the parade, we
got off to a late start on our favorite holiday. As the day went on and clouds
filled the sky, there was talk of whether or not the fireworks would take
place. Mike kept insisting they would go off, the decided we should leave our
friend’s house to change before the fireworks (weird!). We went home and got ready for the
fireworks. We headed out on the choppy seas, and I asked Mike about 28 times if
we should just go back and watch from the dock. The rain held off and the
fireworks got underway. The local radio station’s “soundtrack to the
fireworks” was on the radio, and I commented that the songs weren’t very
patriotic. He quickly sprung up and said “you’re right! I’ll put on
something different!” As I was sitting on the bow of the boat with Holly (my
50 pound lap dog) in my lap, Mike shut off the radio and grabbed his phone,
putting on Bruce Springsteen’s “Jersey Girl”, and next thing I knew
he was down on one knee! Of course I said yes, then began freaking out! We
watched the rest of the fireworks amidst the screaming, hugging, million ring
pics and posing for pictures with fireworks in the background. I was so
excited, I hardly noticed that it began to downpour – probably from all the
tears coming down my face! It was truly the most perfect proposal I could have
ever dreamed of.

A patriotic proposal, Fourth of July engagement photos


A Patriotic Proposal by NJ Wedding Photographers, Jaye Kogut Photography



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