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Jan 19

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17 Goals for 2017

I’ll be completely honest, I’m awful at always posting my goals publicly to keep myself in line. Of course, its not required but personally, I feel it’s something fun to share.  In 2016 I left my day job and stopped teaching Zumba Fitness classes. It was hard to grasp this new concept but my full-time job had given me that security of financial stability while building my wedding photography business. I was able to take risks, and eventually I flew the coop and went full time with photography. Now that we’re a year after leaving said coop, I wanted to share some of my goals for 2017…


Business Goals:

1. Set up my new office this Spring ( 🙂 !!)

2. Shoot at least 5 headshot/portrait sessions this year in said new office by August 2017

3. Photograph at least 30 weddings

4. Stop checking business email from the hours of 8 PM & 7:00 AM

5. Focus on educating clients and showing my WHY

6. Set up at least 2 shoots in Texas while I travel there this spring!

7. Networking, networking, networrrrking!

8. Create more informational posts for my blog <- Have you seen my most recent one?

9. Create a promo video and/or mini clips

10. Read at least 5 business oriented books this year



Personal Goals:

1. Start doing Yoga on a weekly basis

2. Take a sewing/painting and cooking class and create something!  <- already signed up!

3. Go through old files/boxes and purge

4. Send handwritten notes/cards to friends & family. Who doesn’t love snail mail? <-already on it 😉

5. Cook at home more often  <- I’ve already gotten better at this!

6. Eat more fruits and veggies <- I’m being totally serious here hah!

7. Always laugh

Surprisingly, these were hard to really narrow down (I had a lot more haha!) Have you set any goals for this year? Comment below! I’d love to hear about them 🙂


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