Comic Book Store Engagement

Jan 19

Comic Book Store Engagement

Comic Book Store Engagement

Comic Book Store Engagement

Nicole & Joe :: Engaged

What better way to celebrate your engagement by having Comic book store engagement photos?! When Nicole mentioned to me she and Joe’s love for comics and their location idea, I was totally excited! We got together one Friday afternoon and made it happen. Nicole and Joe were no strangers to The Joker’s Child comic book store – the owner even knew I was coming and told me all about the engagement sessions and weddings they’ve had in the store! Who knew that was a thing -right?!
I was so excited to see Nicole and Joe together — they’re bubbly and giggly and Joe is a gentleman to his lady. After cruising around the store for half of our session – it started to snow! We hopped out back of the store where there was a small park and snapped a few images in the snowflakes! 

I can’t wait for their wedding at Addison Park in October!

Joker's child comic books

“Only Lovers Left Alive” 

Joker's child comic books, comic book store engagement


I love this shot! Maybe I’m biased but the comic figurines behind them I feel just displays their love for all things comics!


 Joker's child comic books, comic book store engagement


wintery engagement photos

One of my most challenging shots yet — rush hour traffic on a main street with snow! Haha! Challenge accepted.

joker's child comics


We met online at  He winked at me a couple of times and then I finally winked back and we started talking from there.


We went to Asbury Park Beach because I had been wanting a beach day.  It was our 6 year anniversary to the day.  When we finally got onto the beach after trying to find parking forever, he asked if we could sit towards the back.  I thought nothing of it and said sure.  I was setting up my chair and he was on the sand setting up his towel.  He told me he got me a gift and asked if I wanted it now.  I said sure.  Next thing I know, he pulls out a “Belle Celebration” Funko POP from his bag and turns and says, “They had a special addition one.”  The POP had a ring box in it and next thing I know he’s asking me to marry him.  I was in total shock and couldn’t say yes fast enough!  I was shaking, I was so happy.  The ring just sparkled like crazy, especially in the summer sun.


black and white engagement photos

Joker's child comic books, comic book store engagement

Joker's child comic books, comic book store engagement photos


Vendors:  Location – The Joker’s Child Comics // Ring – Littman Jewelers // Hair – Hair by Kris Kell (Kelly) // Make-Up – Clinique

Comic Book Store Engagement Photos by New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Addison Park wedding // Comic store // Addision park ceremonies

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