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Benefits to Doing a First Look | NJ Wedding Photographers

Mar 5

Benefits to Doing a First Look on Your Wedding Day

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Benefits to Doing a First Look

I will first say, a first look is not for everyone -and thats TOTALLY OKAY! I’ve done plenty of weddings where we don’t do first looks.  I always remind my couples who don’t do first looks to allocate enough time for photos so no one is rushing and you have some great photos to look back on from your big day.

A First look is like insurance for a wedding day!

If you’re unsure about a first look, here are some benefits to doing one on your wedding day:

You’ll have more time for photos
If you choose to take photos after your ceremony, you’re playing with fire — since you only have cocktail hour to work with. An hour may sound like a lot, but it takes a lot of time to gather everyone for family photos (who are most likely lost forever in cocktail hour already).  Then bridal party photos need to be taken and of course, we still need photos of you two! Did I mention how hangry (that angry, hungry-crankiness) people get when they want to dig into cocktail hour but aren’t allowed to just yet? However, when you choose to have a first look, you ensure that you capture plenty of awesome photos of you and your soon-to-be-spouse!

Oh, and a juicy bonus tip? Your hair and make up with be ON POINT since you just finished it up! …You’re welcome 😉

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You’ll be more relaxed for the camera AND its an intimate moment
After the first look and your groom sees you for the first time, the wedding jitters suddenly calm down.  The first look is an intimate moment and with that being said, its a great way for you to just be yourselves and let go.  The first look is a great opportunity to get used to the camera and loosen up for the rest of the day! I’ve seen so many grooms break down and cry and you would’ve thought they never would.

Are you afraid it ruins the ‘I want to see his reaction down the aisle shot?’ Rest assured, I still have grooms cry and smile from ear to ear like big kids.  The aisle moment is completely different and its a in-the-moment thing with a whole rush of new emotions -because the ceremony is happening! 🙂

Benefits to Doing a First Look

You get to enjoy cocktail hour! 

Who doesn’t love food? Okay, but seriously.. If you were to cram all of your photos in after your ceremony, you wouldn’t see the light of day from your cocktail hour.  I’m being honest – because you hired your photographer for a reason – for photos! So don’t cut his/her time short! Choosing to do a first look gets you the benefits of enjoying your cocktail hour.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy that shrimp cocktail or the delicious carving station?

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I hope you found this post helpful! At the end of the day, do what you feel comfortable with. If a first look is not for you, do not do it. Just be sure to give your photographer ample amount of time to work with for photos. 🙂

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Benefits to Doing a First Look by NJ Wedding Photographers Jaye Kogut Photography

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