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Jan 3

A Tip For Saving on Wedding Flowers, wedding flower budgetsBloomerent

A Tip for Saving on Wedding Flowers

SHARE your flowers!

Yes that’s right! Bloomerent is the newest trend that brides and grooms are turning to in order to be a bit more budget conscious AND green! Both couples and Florist’s benefit in the end!
Couples could receive up to 50% OFF their florals if they use Bloomerent!

Bloomerent is a platform that connects brides, grooms and event hosts with a hand-picked community of florists, allowing them to share their centerpieces with another event in close proximity. Flowers are usually discarded after a few hours when they have a lifespan of 3-14 days. Because of this, Bloomerent is creating a sustainable solution for flowers by making the most of the flowers’ lifespan. By sharing centerpieces, you save money for giving your blooms a second life.

As the first event, you choose your florist and then list your flowers for someone else to reuse after your event. As the second event, you choose to use another event’s pre-designed fresh flowers second. Both events work with the same florist. When there’s a match, the first event earns 10% back on their shared flowers while the second event receives around 50% off the shared flowers.

Bloomerent is currently live in NYC, NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE, VA, MA, Washington, D.C., MD, Denver/Colorado Springs CO, Southern California (Los Angeles / Orange County), Dallas TX and Madison WI. We’re expanding into new cities and states daily so be sure to check our site to see if we’re in your area.

A Tip For Saving on Wedding Flowers, wedding flower budgets
(Photo with permission from Bloomerent)

Bloomerent flowers

A Tip For Saving on Wedding Flowers, wedding flower budgets, Bloomerent flowers
Weddings end, but flowers don’t die right away, folks.
Flowers have a lifespan of 3-14 days depending on the flower and Bloomerent works directly with the experts to make sure they are perfect for both events.

Go green, don’t waste pretty flowers!

A Tip For Saving on Wedding Flowers, wedding floral budgets

The wedding industry is always growing and changing – I’m so happy I stumbled on Bloomerent and cannot wait for my couples
to take advantage of the perks to “sharing” their flowers! Check out Bloomerent to see if you can save money, too!

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding


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