18 Goals for 2018

Jan 12

18 Goals for 2018

18 Goals for 2018


HOORAY! I’ve made it 2 weeks into the new year without a dead car battery! Haha!

Today’s post is brought you by GOALS. I’ll be completely honest, I’m awful at always posting my goals publicly to keep myself in line. Of course, it’s not required but personally, I feel it’s something fun to share.  

Just to give you a recap on the previous two years…In 2016 I left my day job and stopped teaching Zumba Fitness classes. It was hard to grasp this new concept but my full-time job had given me that security of financial stability while building my wedding photography business. I was able to take risks, and eventually I flew the coop and went full time with photography. Now that we’re TWO years out from quitting my day job… I’ve successfully grown my business, amped up my product and service and I cannot wait for 2018. Like seriously, I’m squealing with excitement for this year and ROCKING IT!


Here are 18 goals for 2018…

Comment below what some of your goals are!


Business Goals:

1. Set up my office

2. Utilize Instagram stories more often!

3. Blog about MY journey to the altar as a newly engaged bride!

4. Stop checking business email from the hours of 8 PM & 7:00 AM

5. Conquer my PROFOTO light system for this years gigs!

6. Blog WEEKLY – even if its just once a week!

7. Distribute sample albums/products to fellow friendors I work with

8. Create more informational posts for my blog <- Have you seen my most recent one?

9. Do a styled shoot this year!

10. Read at least 2 business oriented books



Personal Goals:

1. Purge my closet this spring

2. Learn to cut wood and create a few wood projects (Hey, Fiancé Rob, help! lol)

3. Try aerial yoga

4. Read more books

5. Cook at home more often  <- I’ve already gotten better at this! Hello instant pot!

6. Maintain a well balanced lifestyle with more fruits and veggies (I was vegetarian for three weeks in December and felt so great!) I also thought about trying KETO diet. Has anyone done it? Comment below!

7. Take days off and stay true to them. Take that time to recharge, relax and reboot my creative juices.

8. Learn more about stocks/trading



Have you set any goals for this year? Comment below! I’d love to hear about them 🙂

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